Conf Organizer (CO)

The Conference Organizer is a powerful and flexible tool to manage of any conference. Its attractive characteristics such as the establish capability of a management panel for all of the site members has convert it to a suitable candidate for a smart conference management. It is worth mentioning here that the management panel for each of reviewers, secretaries and members is made distinctly.

The other advantages of the conference management system are:

  • Any conference has the ability of establish of itself special site and

  • The registration, reviewers and review's information are kept as archive

What CO Helps You to Do

Conference Organizer was designed to help conference organizers in order to meet the following goals:

  • current version supports management and monitoring of the program committee

  • sophisticated and flexible management of the access of members and reviewers

  • automatic paper submition

  • online registration

  • paper assignment based on the specialty fields to the reviewers

  • list of the latest events

  • submition of reviews

  • sending email to the members referees and authors and monitoring email

  • online discussion of papers

  • the author response phase, when the author can respond to the reviews

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